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niveau - nein danke !
4.10.07 16:52



i'm tired of people who are the luckiest
with cuts on the skin but intact on the inside
and sometimes..
the luckiest is one who makes it out alive
with cuts on the skin but a victory inside

ur just a fake; i hate you!
fuck you!
4.10.07 17:00

you taught my heart, a sense i never knew i had. ?

& heartbeats pound softer
you won't try to save me!
you just want to hurt me and leave me desperate! ,*__'

how do you do it?
you're my heroine!
& i can't forget u & ur fuckin' words which u said to me;
awful truth!
4.10.07 17:04


you will not bleed alone!.,__.
i will stand with you & bleed too.
don't cry alone tonight
i will cry with you!
4.10.07 18:48

für immer maske?? ._.

pour toujours masque !!!!
on my face there is a smile ....
but deep inside i cry
heart is broken. everything is wrong! '
4.10.07 19:10

fuck you. du titte haha.

i'll snap your neck in two.

6.10.07 18:10


if you can keep secrets
then I’ll tell you mine.
you’re something to die for
i’ll love you forever </3
i’d miss you too much boy
i’ll never forget you
as long as I’m here
10.10.07 14:37


i wore my black and white dress to the birthday massacre

i think my friend said,
"don't forget to smile",

"You're a murder tramp, murder tramp", I think he said.
"You're a murder boy, birthday boy", I think I said.

24.10.07 14:15

nothing can fix my fuckin broken heart

easily fall in love;
& then fall apart.
never thought I'd be this far from you;
If only I could feel you near.
alone nobody hears my cry;
feeling you near is up to me.
If I could only see... you clearly
you're my only hope; I need you now.
du sagtest zu mir:
egal wieviele kilometer uns trennen ; du bist in meinem herzen.
nun sitzen wir hier. & bemerken uns trennen welten. !
30.10.07 13:20

bye; bye.

ich würde mich gern in eine tränenlose welt verabschieden !
30.10.07 13:23

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